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GeoMint provides bespoke and value engineered Geotechnical solutions for your projects.


GeoMint was created from a necessity to provide geotechnical consulting services along with geological investigations. 

Working together with partners in engineering geology, GeoMint is able to bridge the gap between the structural engineering, where engineers deal with man-made construction elements and the geology, where geologists deal with elements, created by nature.


GeoMint, together with partners like Geogrupe, Geotestus and others, is a one-stop-shop for geotechnical services. 

Dr Darius Macijauskas

Founder & Manager

Started his career as a Geotechnical Engineer in Vilnius, Lithuania, where he gained experience in the field as well as in the design office working on energy generation projects: wind and nuclear energy.

Later he moved to Luxembourg to obtain a doctoral degree in the field of Soil Dynamics. After the graduation, joined ArcelorMittal Sheet Piling team, where over more than 5 years gained experience in infrastructure projects like sea ports, railways and other large-scale investments, located all over the world.

Darius holds a PhD in Engineering Sciences from University of Luxembourg as well as an MBA from Luxembourg School of Business. 

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